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half_light: (HP - Snape alone)

half_light's Journal

Without hope. Without witness. Without reward.

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Created on 2018-02-24 10:11:19 (#3346570), last updated 2019-03-16 (5 weeks ago)

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FANDOMS: harry potter. doctor who. supernatural. hannibal. the west wing. x-files. iron man. avengers. buffy. angel. battlestar galactica. the americans. rectify. banshee. the shield. rescue me. breaking bad. arrow. supergirl. madam secretary. nikita. chuck. friends. sports night. torchwood. house. 24. queer as folk (uk). star trek. alias.
aaron sorkin. russell t davies.

CHARACTERS: severus snape. the doctor. dana scully. clara oswald. martha jones. dean winchester. sam winchester. gregory house. rupert giles. wesley wyndam-pryce. nikita. jed bartlet. toby zeigler. jack bauer. jeffrey geiger. alan shore. tony hill. jack bristow.

AGE STATEMENT: I am over 21.

INFO: This journal will be primarily fandom related, with a definite leaning toward HP, Snape and Doctor Who :) I'm back on LJ after a long time away because, frankly, the world has become way too depressing to spend all my time reading news on Twitter. More importantly, I love fandom. I love everything about it and have for a very long time. Over the years, I've read, written, iconned, vidded and left way too many comments on way too many lovely people's journals. I'm so glad to be back <3
Please feel free to friend & say hi!


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